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Parent Connect was founded by Janette Weinstein. She was inspired to start a Parent Coaching business having experienced the helplessness and exhaustion that comes along with parenting. She felt the frustration after searching for help and resources in the community and finding none that fit her situation. Even after asking a pediatrician for help, she was told to read books. Most parents do not have the time or energy to research and read books to find tips that may or may not apply to their situation. Planning ways to apply these books to their specific situation is downright challenging and time consuming for most parents. Parent Connect is designed to work one on one with parents to meet their specific challenges, provide ongoing instruction, guidance, tools and most of all understanding in a judgement-free zone.



Janette has over 10 years of experience coaching in multiple areas. She received her coach training from JTS Advisors and is a member of "International Association of Professional Life Coaches." Janette also conducts Divorce Care Workshops and is the proud mother of two beautiful children.



Janette Weinstein


"As a small business owner, wife and mom of two small children, it can get hectic and overwhelming at times. I was looking for a sounding board, a resource to help me get through the chaos. Coaching sessions with Janette are so helpful and encouraging! She is so intuitive and caring that she put me right at ease. Janette was able to ask me pointed questions that got right to the heart of my stress and I was able to leave the session with tools I could start implementing with my husband, children AND own self. She gave me a peace of mind. Working with Janette has brought clarity to my life and it feels like she has THE handbook to parenthood. I am so grateful to have found her and look forward to our sessions every time!"    - Karrie B.

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