What is Parent Coaching?

A Parent Coach is a source of support, a mentor and an educator who can help you manage the challenges of raising children.

By helping you understand your child's behaviors and teaching you effective discipline techniques, Parent Connect can help reduce the stress of parenting and improve your relationship with your child.


Why do Parents need Coaching?

Sometimes parents are choosing to parent in a way that is different than how they were parented. Others recognize that parenting today is different than it was a generation ago. Blended families are more common today plus the world of technology has impacted family life significantly. Coaching with Parent Connect allows you to learn and discover the following:

          • How to respond instead of react;

          • How to be kind and firm at the same time;

          • How to foster a calmer and happier family dynamic with less yelling;

          • The best way to work with children to find solutions;

          • To remain calmer as a parent;

          • To discover a new language to more effectively communicate;

          • To gain a better understanding of children;

          • To improve relationships between the parents and the children.


If what you’re doing isn’t working and you are ready to try something different, Parent Connect offers a FREE 30 minute session! Click here to sign up today!



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