One of the most difficult issues we deal with today involves stress in relationships. Most people struggle with the demands and disappointments of various types of relationships, and it is important to know that we are not alone when we encounter these feelings.


At Parent Connect, we understand these struggles.  We can provide a fresh, caring perspective based on truth and love.  We have helped many people move past difficulties by providing information and working together to resolve life’s troubling issues.  We have worked with those who have experienced similar challenges that we face in everyday life, and have helped them succeed in relationships. At Parent Connect, we work with you to better understand and cope with the relationships in your life, including the relationship with yourself.  Janette Weinstein is a member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, and has provided not only hope, but success, to many people.


Parent Connect offers help with the following:


Parent Coaching

Life Coaching


Parenting is probably the most difficult job on the planet.  It has always been tough, but today’s challenges on our children make parenting even tougher.  We may feel that our children aren’t even speaking the same language we are, and we can’t understand why they won’t communicate with us. Of course we want to be there for our children, but when there seems to be some kind of disconnection between parent and child, it is time to seek outside advice.  At Parent Connect, we can help you and your children learn to communicate using a more common language; one based on love and respect.

"Having two teenage daughters ages 14 & 16 can be a daunting task in this day and age.  While both girls are balanced in their academic, social and athletic lives, personally communicating with them can and has been a challenge.  When Janette and I met, I was admittedly frustrated with the lack of social interaction between me and my girls.  Having been recently divorced, it has made our time together more challenging.  With that being said, our time together is precious, and communication is the key.  Janette and I were able to begin to put together some forms of open ended questioning to get the girls to dig into their feelings a little more, to express themselves, so they can feel comfortable talking, and that to empathize or show empathy toward another person is ok, that it is in fact good.


I plan to continue to work with Janette towards building a better relationship with my daughters, which I know will lead to a better life of stable long lasting relationships for them.


While I'm not an expert on child rearing, (we are all kind of winging it,) Having someone like Janette help sort through the mess of raising children is priceless." - Alan Nowakowski

Too many times we lose direction in life.  We become unsure of the choices we make and are often overwhelmed with the many tasks we face every day.  It is normal to become exhausted with everyday challenges, but there is support available to you.  Parent Connect can help you figure out life’s important decisions and help guide you in the right direction.


As you work with Parent Connect we may explore many areas of your life, which may include: family, friends, relationships, significant other, finances, career and life’s purpose. Life coaching can make living much more effective and bring happiness when you are receiving an ongoing support to stay focused.


Coaching can be done in person or by phone, whichever affords you the convenience in your life’s schedule.


"I had an issue at work that Janette was able to help me with words to communicate that were right to the point and in a non-abrasive manner. It really helped a lot."

                                                              – Patrick Lindsley

"They deliver real-world parenting solutions, not a bunch of text book jargon! The staff is both knowledge and easy to work with!" – Joshua Bowen

Sometimes we feel misunderstood or undervalued in our relationship with our significant other.  It doesn’t make sense that we should feel so empty when we are with someone so important to us.  Many of us fear even the thought of being abandoned by the one we love. When it becomes difficult to communicate our feelings, it helps to have a non-biased coach see things from an outside perspective and help relay our feelings to each other.


Relationships don't come with owner’s manuals. Most couples just aren't sure what to do. By re-establishing trust, improving how you talk to each other, learning tools and strategies, and breaking destructive patterns that do not work, the relationship can be greatly improved.


Let Parent Connect be that outside perspective and give you great tools to get your relationship back on track.


"My experience with Janette as a life coach has been wonderful.  Her insight, knowledge, and compassion were extremely helpful to me while I was trying to understand and help a family member. She really helped me to look at the situation in a way that helped me move toward a healthy, more meaningful relationship.  I also attended one of her workshops on Love Language which I highly recommend.  The bonding the attendees shared while all learning about our own love language, and how to improve relationships with our significant others was amazing." - Kathy Pigott

     "Janette with Parent Connect is amazing! She started by learning more about me as a person before delving into my parenting concerns. I have implemented her advice with my 2 children (2.5 and 4 years old) and have seen great improvements in the way they treat each other and how well they listen to me. Thanks so much, Janette!"     -Loren G.

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